St Marys Bay

Open 48 weeks a year from 8am to 6pm.

We close for two weeks at Christmas and two weeks at the end of August. We offer flexible booking hours (minimum of three hours per week).

Pricing structure:
Flexible hours between 8am-6pm                                         
6mths-2yrs   £4.90 phr
2yrs                £4.30 phr
3-4yrs            £3.90 phr


Pricing structure:
Open term time only from 8am-3pm 
2yrs        £4.15 phr
3-4yrs    £3.65 phr
The government's Free Early Education is applied to the first 15 hours that your child attends and for maximum of 38 weeks a year.
Day Nursery
Stimulating play and safe educational facilities available at Sunshine & Showers Nursery School. Telephone St. Marys Bay on 01303 872 610 and Dymchurch on
07793 636 656
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